Keeping Active



Come See the Amazing Performing



He thinks!

                He ruminates!        

                                        He cogitates!

                                                                He contemplates!


All before your very eyes!!






Bring your unique philosophical questions to him on the Last Sunday of each month from noon to 2:00 P.M., and prepare to be astonished!


(Note: astonishment may result from evasion, use of big words, changing the topic, as well as a relevantly perceptive discussion of the topic in question) Tipping discouraged.


Accept no substitutes!  Insist on only a genuine philosopher for all your needs pertaining to rationality, ethical priorities, and The Good Life.  And only at Headrush Roasters will you find a genuine philosopher, retained by the owners for all your philosophical questions in need of clarification.





* The role of philosopher is being played by an actual living philosopher, Dennis Lowden, recently retired from MCC-Blue River, having taught at the University of Kansas, Baker University, Rockhurst University, and Avila University, and a member of the American Philosophical Association.


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